Monitoring devices for
overall FITness of DRIVErs

FitDrive aims at improving road safety

by effectively monitoring working patterns and overall fitness of drivers 


FitDrive means improving the European mobility, by reinforcing safety, competitiveness and performance of European transport processes, through innovative ICT solutions for enhanced security and robustness of the transport operations. 


FitDrive rises with the goal of improving the current transport system, increasing its robustness and support safety, security and quality of life through the monitoring of driver’s performance and the enhancement of roadside controls, while relying on behavioural research and forward-looking activities for policy making and training. 


The FitDrive project will design, implement and test new toolkits and methodologies for monitoring and evaluating driving performance, cognitive load, physical or mental fatigue, reaction time, while providing information to drivers, intelligent road systems and police roadside controls. 


FitDrive will impact on road safety preventing fatalities of drivers and working conditions, focusing on their health and on the enhanced effectiveness of roadside random controls by screening only those with detected anomalous behaviour. Exploitation will focus on a consistent implementation across member states, while contributing to EU road safety targets. 

 Evaluate driving performance and cognitive load, physical fatigue and reaction time. 

Develop an efficient, reliable cost-effective and socially acceptable solution for detecting impairing psychoactive substances. 

Develop a cloud-based system to evaluate drivers’ performance cognitive load, physical fatigue and reaction time.

Develop extended BRIDGEBOX.

Design smart tachograph to retrieve professional data.

Successfully test the developed systems  with a focus on interoperability, reliability, acceptability, ethics, security and environment. 

Create impact on fitness to drive and safety by building a network of partners and associates in academia and industry to generate an innovation ecosystem, by developing training modules and arousing commercial interest. 

Communicate and disseminate the FitDrive results to foster the application of the tool to investigate and prevent other effects of altered conditions. 





The FitDrive project as part of the EU Road Safety: Towards “Vision Zero”

The FitDrive project has been included by the European Climate, Infrastructure And Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) in the official overview on the contribution of Horizon 2020 projects to the “Vision Zero” policy on road safety – EU Road Safety: Towards “Vision Zero”.

The FitDrive Project on Frontiers in Neurorobotics.

A scientific article was submitted to Frontiers in Neurorobotics and it published. The European Commission co-founded the article, through the Horizon 2020 project FitDrive, together with other grants, as reported in the Funding section.

Read the article to dive deeper into the details about the results of the first neurophysiological analysis of C1 experiments in Italy and Spain!

The EFT’s Animation on Road Safety

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (EFT) has published a report on the consequences for road safety in eliminating fatigue in professional drivers, which you can read through the link.

In addition, EFT has created an animation on the report to practically show the problem of Driver Fatigue.

FitDrive Beta tests conducted in Rome
with professional drivers at the driving simulator

Behind the scenes: 

On-going Beta tests conducted at the Engineering Department of ROMATRE to monitor fitness to drive. 

Professional drivers are using brain sensors that allow to assess their neurological status while driving. Moreover, tech devices are placed for eye-tracking to monitor attention and issues alert when needed.


Cycle 3 Testing is ongoing!

Cycle 3 testing is underway, with 10 vans on their normal rounds.

Check out the latest information!

Cycle 3 Testing Updates!

Cycle 3 testing is underway, involving a month of naturalistic driving.

Check out our post to know more!

EPDA & FitDrive: Road Safety for Professional Drivers, towards early detection of fatigue.

The FitDrive project was in Dublin on the 17th of April 2024. The European Association of Professional Drivers (EPDA) hosted the event, to coincide with the Transport Research Arena 2024.

Best Student Paper Award for a FitDriver!

Congratulations to Arnab Barua for achieving such a personal achievement!

Sixth Consortium Meeting in Rome.

On the 20th and 21st of February, the sixth consortium meeting took place in Rome at La Sapienza University!

Workshop in Italian: Fitness to Drive for Professional Drivers: Causes and Countermeasures.

On the 20th of February 2024, Sapienza University in Rome hosted a workshop in Italian (“Idoneità alla Guida per Autisti Professionisti: Cause e Contromisure“).

WP5.3 Public Deliverable Available

Another deliverable is now public on our website in the Library section. The WP5.3 looks at the Tests in Controlled Environment.

FitDrive at the European Parliament

The FitDrive project was at the European Parliament, where Marteyn van Gasteren represented all of us.

Track Test2 in Spain

The track test is ongoning. The results are amazing and very important for the devolpment of the project.

Start of Track Test2 in Spain

The FitDrive project is working at high pace with the start of new track tests in Spain. Our drivers are doing an amazing job, and we are proud to see how the project is coming out.

The FitDrive Project on the Newspaper!

An article about our project has been published on the local newspaper “El Correo de Burgos” as part of a special issue on transport. The article deals with artificial intelligence and human talent to prevent road accidents.

5th Consortium Meeting, Sweden

The Fitdrivers held the 5th Consortium Meeting in Västerås. A great kick off after the summer!

Fitdrive Test Cycle 2.2 in León

The Fitdrivers are working hard, and in León they have proceeded with the Test Cycle 2.2.

Fitdrive stand at the EUCAD 2023 Exhibition

On May 3rd FitDrive was at the EUCAD 2023 exhibition, and it was possible to show the audience, what the project is about.