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FitDrive Poster 

Public Deliverables

D2.1 FitDrive Diary – Submitted, pending Commission’s approval

D7.1 Project Identity – Submitted, pending Commission’s approval

D7.2 Project Website and Social Media – Submitted, pending Commission’s approval

D7.3 Communication and Dissemination Plan – Submitted, pending Commission’s approval

D5.2 Test Operational Manual – Submitted, pending Commission’s approval

FitDrive Media Coverage

FitDrive at the Transport Research Arena 2022

The FitDrivers touch down the land of the iconic yellow trams to partake in what is considered to be the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility – the Transport Research Arena (TRA).

The FitDrivers meet up in Burgos!

The FitDrive Consortium gathered once again for the third project meeting, but this time we did it on-site. That’s right! On the 7th of September 2022, the FitDrivers docked in Spain to finally meet in person to share the progress done so far and discuss the steps that lie ahead. 

FitDrive in Valencia!

A quick snapshot from the 11th Conference on Horizon Europe in Spain: the new R&I framework programme for Europe. The coordinator of the project ITCL presented a poster on the FitDrive Project studying impairments like fatigue and for professional driver safety using smart devices.

FitDrive travels to Spain!

The project has been selected to be part of the poster exhibition of HorizonEU projects on occasion of the 11th Conference of the European Framework Program for Research and innovation in Spain.

Second meeting of the FitDrivers

Two months after the beginning of a new year, on the 23th and 24th of February 2022, the FitDrivers were back together, exchanging updates and discussing the next steps for the continuous and successful development of the project.

New Technologies for safer driving

ITCL Technological Center leads a European project that seeks to improve driving performance and reduce accidents among professional drivers through 4.0 technologies.

ITCL leads a project to minimize driving risks for professional drivers

The system will create neurophysiological models capable of detecting the appearance of an abnormal physical state in drivers, based on data obtained from IoT devices during work, on-board intelligence and smart tachographs .

ITCL leads a project to reduce risks to professional drivers

The new tool will monitor and evaluate driving performance, cognitive load, physical fatigue, and reaction time.

Artificial Intelligence improves road safety

A new research project has been launched at MDH. Through a cloud-based IoThings AI system, current information about the driver’s condition is communicated, partly to the driver themselves but also to the community.

With Lucía Sivertsen

The start of the FitDrive project announced at the local Swedish radio 

MDH develops Artificial Intelligence for road safety

With the help of AI, new technology will show different types of abnormal driving behavior and road safety risks in professional drivers. 

New AI system will monitor commercial traffic

A new research project is starting at Mälardalen University, where new technology with the help of AI will detect various types of abnormal driving behavior and traffic safety risks in professional drivers.

FitDrive project
kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the European project FitDrive, of which ITCL Technology Centre is the leader, will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September.