FitDrive at the 11th Conference on Horizon Europe in Spain.

On the 6th of April we attended the 11th Conference on #HorizonEurope in Spain: the new R&I framework programme for Europe organized by CDTI_innovacion.
On behalf of the #FitDrivers, the coordinator of the project ITCL based in Spain showcased and presented a poster on the FitDrive Project studying impairments like #fatigue and for professional #driversafety using smart devices.

The project will design, implement and test a new tool, for the monitoring and evaluation of driving performance, cognitive load, physical fatigue and reaction time.

The system will create #neurophysiological models able to detect the onset of abnormal drivers’ fitness based on data obtained from IoT devices during working activities and while driving, on board intelligence and smart tachographs.
#ArtificialIntelligent models will associate different kinds of anomalous behaviour to its most probable cause: drugs, medicines, alcohol, fatigue, etc.; and a cloud-based system will communicate driver, police patrols, infrastructure the necessary information to improve road safety.
Drugs and alcohol have also the potential to adversely affect driving skills; the project will also develop screening methods to detect new drugs and to reduce the time needed to perform the tests.